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Call Center Services

A call center is a centralized office of a company that answers inbound telephone calls from the customers or handles outbound calls on behalf of the company. It also responds to queries by way of faxes, internet chat and e-mails.


Call centers have become the integral part of almost all-major businesses worldwide. Majority of businesses uses call centers to provide standardized and uniform services to consumers and through which, they make a consistent effort to interact with their customers. Some businesses even service internal functions through call centers that act as help desks and sales support centers. Call centers operates as customer interaction center for meeting customer needs in real-time.


There are mainly two types of call centers-inbound and outbound. An inbound call center takes incoming calls and outbound call center makes calls to outside parties. There are also blended call centers where the agents perform both functions.


Call centers provide both inbound and outbound services-call handling services that include customer support, operator services, directory assistance, credit services, inbound and outbound telemarketing and web-based services.


Inbound call center services


Inbound services include answering services, telemarketing, customer service, technical support, order taking and help desk. The telephone is an effective and efficient way to serve customers and taking orders.


As you know, every missed call is a missed opportunity. Whether you need to answer thousand calls in a day, you will find call centers takes the load off you and becomes a professional and cost-effective extension of your business. An answering service is a business service that answers its client’s telephone calls and conveys messages to the clients. The customer support agents in call centers are there to respond to your clients/customers in a timely and professional manner. Call center services will cater to your customer support needs and an answering service will give you confidence when you are away from your office knowing that your calls are being answered promptly and professionally. Customer care services offer many benefits for businesses like questions can be answered, issues can be lodged and registration keys can be issued. Products and services trouble shooting, software problems, hardware problems, internet service problems etc. are all solved by call centers.


Out bound call center services


Outbound service includes lead generation, sales, appointment setting, surveys and market research etc.


 Lead generation is one of the most common activities conducted by the call centers. It is an essential business process that facilitates consistent acquisition of long-term clients through the design, production and placement of media messages through media channels. It usually involves an offer where the viewer is asked to call a toll-free number for more information of a product.


With recent advances in call center technology, integrated tele-services campaigns are quickly become the most direct path to success. Likewise, surveys assume great significance to know more about the market. The outbound call center services can help increase brand loyalty and make customers-for-life by implementing various sales programs that can be used for new product launches and upgrading the older ones.


Why use call center services


Call center services are useful to-


1. Reduce capital investment


2. Reduces requirement of manpower


3. Helps in business expansion


A call center is the focal point of customer service for most companies today. Using a variety of state-of-the-art technologies, call centers connect the customer and the organization to provide better professional customer service in real time. Here both the customers and the businesses are benefited by the services of a call center.

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