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Call Center Services and the Challenges Faced In Hiring New Employees

People use call center service companies all the time. They are being used for different purposes and many people who receive the services of call centers don’t even pay attention to the companies. On some occasions it has become one of those things people easily forget and never want to remember because it is not very convenient to remember them. Most people are used to the fact that there will always be a person on the other end of the line who will be ready to help get rid of any kind of problems there might be and then they forget about them. But what exactly are call centers and how they really operate?

What are call centers anyway?

A call center is an office where people work with a lot of telephone traffic. They receive and make thousands of phone calls each day, dealing with requests, questions, concerns and feedback. One of the types of call centers is inbound call centers. The company has them administrated to support the incoming information about products and services and all the many (sometimes even irrelevant) questions and concerns from customers. There are also outbound call centers and they are the other type of the call centers. These usually are telemarketing companies, charity organizations, market research firms, debt collection companies or potential candidates asking for political contributions.

How many people are there to serve the purpose?

The number of agents working in these centers, both inbound and outbound, is great because the more people working the more traffic of information they can work with at the same time. However, this also means that their working systems have to be set up professionally and they cannot be second rate. They have to be the best of the best and cannot be faulty. It has been proven that if the call center does not work, companies lose clients easily because the competition in the field is high and it is not going to become lower anytime soon. There are also the contact call centers. These are the ones that work within a company and answer phone calls with questions and inquiries from the customers of the company. Every Embassy has a call center which helps people to feel more secure within a foreign country.

However, there are many people who work for these companies and they really want to their jobs well. These companies often do the marketing for other companies, but it does not mean that the company itself does not have to be involved in anything at all. It also means that people really have to pay attention to how the marketing is done and how it can help the company to grow and expand its market share and distribution areas. It is amazing how important it actually is to rely on these companies and control them as well. But the relationship is mutual and it can be a very good way how to learn to work together with different companies. Both sides are winners in such cases because the call service companies do their job and become more popular and they allow their clients business to grow as well.

Do call centers market products as well?

It should be said that telemarketing companies are not very loved by people because their agents have to make phone calls every day trying to sell a product or service. Most people find it annoying and do not want to talk about their products. This is one of those jobs people find very stressful since the stress comes from many different aspects of this job. One of the aspects is being yelled at or cursed at by people who do not know the agent at all. If there is a choice, many people do not choose to work for telemarketing companies simply because of these reasons or any other reasons connected with the job. But if you have thick skin and a tenacity for not giving up and don’t mind having a high rejection rate then a career at a call center might be for you.

Their Radius of Work?

Many companies have established call centers, such as Firstsource, Xerox, Global Response, NCO Group and more. A list of call center companies can be easily found online and there are many who also operate almost worldwide. Since the market is growing for these companies, expansion to other countries is encouraged by the upper administration because this allows the company to cover more areas, gaining new clients and customers as well as he ability to try out different marketing strategies in different areas of the world. One of these organizations is Transcom WorldWide. This company operates on the principles of quality and has been in business since 1995. With offices in mos major cities in Europe, Asia, Africa, South America and North America, Transcom Worldwide is a force to be reckoned with. Since much of their business involves debt collection it is a company both hated (by the individuals and businesses they ask for money) and loved (by their clients who say their service is top notch).

With lots of call center options and service providers it is worth it to check out many competing companies to make sure you are getting the right partner!

Whereas the people at these centers try their best to satisfy their client’s needs, the client himself needs to do a little research himself to make sure the company he aligns with is the perfect fit. It is obvious that businesses have specific markets and people to target, so if they are going to make the investment of hiring a call center why not go for the very best? It is evident that only the best call centers are able to attract the amount of potential clients that can actually make a positive difference in that company’s sales.

Here are a few quick reasons of why to get a little too choosey even for one’s own liking while hiring a call service. Most importantly, not only the comfort of the hiring business is important, that of potential clients comes first. Now, clients are not going to have a good impression with a company that is calling in the middle of the night, nor will they make a good impression if they are trying to reach customers by calling during office hours. The call center gets away with this and gets compensated by the client’s business. The best part, the client’s business never even gets to know about how many potential clients the center has cost them. This is just one matter of convenience to the clients who are being called. There are plenty more things to look out for such as the friendliness in the tone of the individual calling, do they speak English as their native language, do their voices sound professional or do the callers sound stuffed up or hung over? Do the callers get straight to the point or use idle chit-chat and waste time? Do they use proper grammar? Do they present a client’s product or service in a good light? Do they sound happy or bored? A monotonous tone will put prospective buyers to sleep and a harsh tone is going to give your image a bad name. Also, whereas a call center may have a few 5 star employees they may also have some real dogs working for them. Try to pick a company that is consistent across the board. Remember a call center’s employees are in essence your employees. The image your company will get is directly related to the professionalism of the call center’s employee. A harsh tone may not be able to give away gold bricks but a polite and professional tone might just be able to sell ice to Eskimos.

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